Friday, November 23, 2012

Aha moments

Tonight I had the privillage of speaking magickally with fellow travellers. With the exception of the last few weeks, it has been a very long time since I have been swimming in such waters.

As we sat in my living room chatting, I remembered being where she was magickally. I had been doing my version of stuff for a long time but quietly. I really never talked about it because people would think I was nuts. When I found the group in Fresno I was amazed to hear:

        "Oh yeah that happens to me too.."

Honestly I was more than a little relieved at the time. Magick is just not the sort of thing you discuss over brunch at Grandmas. (Well OK on one side, but that is another post all together.) Telling people that you astral project and talk to angels is grounds for heavy meds or medical care most places.

So tonight as the sister in front of me shuffled her feet and searched for words, I remembed well the feeling. When she finally got it all out and I spoke those words to her, I remembed well. I think that look of relief and of home is worth the price of admission.

I have come full circle. Again.

The trick will be to not take those moments away from folks but let them unfold naturally. My instinct is to protect and to guard. Unfortunately that is not always the Divine plan. Sometime things just have to run their course. I will have to learn to be patient and wait.

This will be the continuation of a great adventure.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pax Templi

Recently we started an OTO Camp In Formation (CIF) in San Antonio. All prayers gladly accepted. Unlike my previous group in Fresno, San Antonio has a long OTO and magickal history in this area. This is a double edged sword. It means that we have some amazing long time siblings who have been keeping the torch lit for over a decade. It also means there is history.

Magickal groups have an uncanny way of bringing people together with a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to shave off the rough edges of each other. Many times this is an alchemical process that is incredibly exothermic. It gives off a ton of heat and light. The OTO is no different. There is going to be tension at some point and that is all part of the big glorious process.

Oh yes Crowley's words in Magick Without Tears are coming back to me:

 "The Great Work is not a tea party."
Soon I suspect the term Pax Templi will be bantered about in such a way as to explain and give fair warning on the process. I guess over the years I have had more than my fair share of run ins and testing. My tolerance for bullshit is getting mighty low. I will have to remember that this will be the first time many people have seen this and to stock up on Kleenex.
So what exactly is meant when people say Pax Templi? Yeah OK literally Peace in the Temple, but what does that mean? How does that look and what does it feel like in the middle of a big huge to do?
It means that once you enter into the confines of the group you leave the petty bullshit at the door. If you cannot do that then it is best for you to withdraw until you can.
Since we are facing the prospect of several new minervals and a budding camp, it means that a great deal of our interpersonal relationships will be tested. Initiations can be a very brutal removing of mirages of perfection. They have a way of pointing out where you have been using crutches and removing them, suddenly and without much warning.  Marriages may break up, long standing relationships may crumble, people leave jobs and all sorts of other drastic life changes. Yet still I will expect and enforce Pax Templi.
Now Pax Templi does NOT mean that we are all going to be drinking buddies. In fact that sort of familiarity often breads contempt. Just like any family some of us will be closer than others. This is the nature of the process and the beast. It means that if you and your wife/husband are fighting and on the edge of divorce that does not come into the middle of ritual space. It means that we all have to act like adults. This has proven the biggest test for me personally with the Work.
The good news is that initiations only make a mess of your life if your life was already a mess. Hopefully the alchemical process will be a slow smolder and not a high end explosive.
I suppose that only time will tell.
All prayers gladly accepted.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

And now for our regularly scheduled magickian

My Thelemic Rosary

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Last weekend a very crafty brother lured me out of my self imposed magickal herimitage to be part of a panel discussion at Scarlet Woman OTO Lodge in Austin Texas. It was on Spiritual Practices in day to day life and  it was wonderful! It felt good to discuss all things arcane and mundane in a juicy bath of magickal energy. Suddenly my soul realized that the hermitage was over and it was time to return to the magickal land of the living.  Honestly, I have missed all of my magickal siblings on the loose cabal that we had a few years ago. Life goes on and it pulls us all in different directions but still I miss those connections.
When I attempted to access my old blog (at the above link), I found that I was locked out. In many ways this is a long time coming. The name of the blog was a reference to a dear magickian friend. I am however not his gal and REALLY never was such a creature. So it seems fitting to start this blog but link to past.
Soror Gimel has emerged... again.
So here is the short of it. I am now married to a wonderful man who will be referenced in this blog as My Priest or Tiger. We have a wonderfully pantastic young son who will be referred to as the Cub. We are residing in central Texas. We started a CIF (OTO camp in formation) and are moving along.
The talk wandered for 2 hours with the 4 panelists on a mulititude of topics. One of the ones that I felt the most connected to my HGA on was about gods and their roles in our lives. I waxed poetic about the energies and forces involved from a scientific stand point. Honestly it was almost purely HGA driven and as such I have vague recollections as to EXACTLY what was said.
At the end of the talk two folks from another country came up to me and said that they really connected to the talk. I knew then that my HGA was speaking TO them. This has happened several times in my magickal career and I always feel honored to help. The trick is realizing that I am not the font of knowledge but the conduit from which it flows. This is just one of the many traps of the magickian and our ever prevalent egos.
So tonight I made up a collection of cakes of light. My goal is going to be to focus my magickal intent every time I eat one on my most pressing issues. Right now I am employed at a wonderful job that is incredible in every way EXCEPT monetarily. I intend to rectify that minor over sight.  A focus magickian is a powerful force and it is time to take the reigns again. I will keep you all posted on the results. The good news is those cakes of light are made with amaranth and taste REALLY good. I suppose at my core I am a good hedonist!
And with that I am off to Work!
Love is the Law love under Will